19 February 2010

Test for unit 7 and some news stories (an interesting listening activity)


Well, we're back after the mock exam period and looking forward to working hard, I hope!
Above you can see the link to an interesting listening activity about some news stories (our new topic in unit 8). Below you have a test for the last unit we've seen in class. Good luck!

Straightforward Intermediate Unit Test 7


A Choose the correct word(s), a, b, or c to complete 1–8.

(1) Most people think that life as a _______________ is boring. But I don’t think so. Now I can catch up with all those things I didn’t have time for when I was working.

a) adolescent b) elderly c) pensioner

(2) My gran is an amazing woman. She’s lived _______________ so many different things.

a) out of b) through c) up to

(3) After Mike left me, I decided it was really time to _______________.

a) live for b) move on c) embark


A: What’s wrong?

B: I can’t find my keys!

A: Are these yours?

B: Yes, they are. Oh what a _______________!

a) relief b) nuisance c) shame

(5) My parents are so demanding. I’m always worried I won’t be able to live _______________ their expectations.

a) for b) through c) up to


A: I wish I hadn’t talked to Peter.

B: Why? What did he say?

A: He’s moving anyway and he doesn’t want me to go with him!

B: Oh! What a _______________!

a) relief b) nuisance c) shame

(7) Well, that’s it. I’ve made my decision and there’s _______________.

a) at a crossroads b) no turning back c) take a new direction

(8) Bob must be _______________. After all, he’s been working here since he finished university.

a) adolescent b) elderly c) thirty something

B Match words or expressions from the box to 9–16. Look carefully at the words in italics.

lived for    embarked on    live off         live through     retired

take off            taken an unexpected turn                   What a surprise

(9) Wow! That was horrible. I never want to experience that again! _______________

(10) Her life has changed so suddenly. _______________

(11) You want to give me a promotion? Amazing! _______________

(12) You’ve got to get a job soon. You can’t depend on your parents forever! _______________

(13) It took quite a long time for my career to be successful. _______________

(14) I can’t believe it. That’s the third new career you’ve started. _______________

(15) Bob stopped working two years ago and now he spends his time playing golf and going on holiday. _______________

(16) She was so upset when he left her. He was all she wanted in life. _______________


C Complete the sentences with the correct words.

(17) I’ve been working here for / since a long time.

(18) They’ve been planning on getting married for / since as long as I can remember.

(19) He’s wanted to be an actor for / since he was a little boy.


A: How long have you been waiting?

B: For / Since about thirty minutes.

(21) I’ve known Hannah for / since last summer.

(22) Make up your mind! You’ve been talking about this for / since the last two weeks.

(23) She’s been thinking of changing her job for / since ages.

D Complete the text with the Present Perfect Simple or the Present Perfect Continuous. Use the verbs in brackets.

Since Bob Simkins started working in Madison computers things have (24) _______________ (change) a lot. Bob has (25) _______________ (work) for the company for nearly fifteen years now. “When I started,” says Bob, “there were only five of us. I’ve (26) _______________ (see) the company grow so much.” Now Madison Computers employs more than five hundred people. “I’ve (27) _______________ (know) Stan Madison since we were teenagers” says Bob. “And I’ve

(28) _______________ (help) him make money ever since!” However, next week Bob is leaving his job to travel around the world. “I’ve (29) _______________ (think) of doing something like this for ages, but I’ve never (30) _______________ (have) the time. Now that I’m almost fifty I think it’s about time I lived for myself and not for my job.”

E Write sentences in the Present Perfect Continuous using the prompts.

(31) She / live / in London since December. ________________________________

(32) Max / do / his homework for hours. __________________________________
(33) I / not / stay / here very long. ______________________________________

(34) How long have you / work / here? __________________________________

(35) She / learn / how to dance the Samba. _______________________________

(36) They / not / argue / today. _________________________________________

Functional language

F Complete the sentences with the correct words.

(37) Have you ever thought about change / changing your job?

(38) Why don’t you tell / telling her how you feel?

(39) I think you should make / making your mind up.

(40) Have you tried look / looking for a new job?

(41) If I were you, I’d ask / asking her tonight.

(42) There’s no harm in talk / talking to her, is there?

(43) What you need to do is decide / deciding which is more important.

G Complete the three conversations with phrases from the box.

do you think I should                Have you ever thought about                       Have you tried

I really think you should                  if I were you                      there’s no harm in                                       what you need to do is

Conversation 1

Tim: (44) _______________ giving up your job and moving to another country?

Steve: Well, sometimes. But I don’t think I could. It’s such a big change.

Tim: Yeah! I suppose you’re right. But (45) _______________ dreaming, is there?

Steve: No, I guess not.

Conversation 2

Paul: You know that Jenny wants me to move to Scotland with her.

Andy: Yeah!

Paul: So what (46) _______________ do?

Andy: You’re asking me for advice? Well, (47) _______________, I’d say yes. After all, how long have you been seeing each other?

Paul: Five years.

Andy: Well then, (48) _______________ move up there with her. After all, it’s not as though you’re doing anything here at the moment.

Paul: No, that’s true. I guess you’re right.

Answer key


1 c) pensioner

2 b) through

3 b) move on

4 a) relief

5 c) up to

6 c) shame

7 b) no turning back

8 c) thirty something

9 live through

10 taken an unexpected turn

11 What a surprise

12 live off

13 take off

14 embarked on

15 retired

16 lived for


17 for

18 for

19 since

20 For

21 since

22 for

23 for

24 changed

25 been working

26 seen

27 known

28 been helping

29 been thinking

30 had

31 She’s been living in London since December.

32 Max has been doing his homework for hours.

33 I’ve not been staying here for very long.

34 How long have you been working here?

35 She been learning how to dance the Samba.

36 They haven’t been arguing today.

Functional language

37 changing

38 tell

39 make

40 looking

41 ask

42 talking

43 decide

44 Have you ever thought about

45 there’s no harm in

46 do you think I should

47 if I were you

48 what you need to do is / I really think you should

49 Have you tried

50 I really think you should / what you need to do is

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