22 January 2010

end of unit 6

We're  well into the mionth of January and we're just about to finish unit 6. Next week we'll be devoting one day to finishing unit 6 and another one to taking a look at the present perfect continuous, which is the main grammar point in unit number seven. Right after that exams will begin and go on for two weeks. I'm posting below the test for unit 6; I hope you find it useful. Good luck!!

Straightforward Intermediate Unit Test 6


A Complete the conversation with words or phrases from the box. There are three extra words and phrases.

beach parties booked brochures cosmopolitan destination like a good idea

luggage much fun the beaten track paid range secluded too bad

Sue: So, have you decided where you’re going on your honeymoon?

Pam: Well, not exactly.

Sue: What do you mean? Don’t tell me you haven’t (1) _______________ your tickets yet?

Pam: No, not yet. We haven’t even chosen the (2) _______________ yet.

Sue: Why not? You don’t have a lot of time left.

Pam: I know. I picked up some (3) _______________ ages ago and we’ve been looking at them, but Brian wants to go to a really (4) _______________ resort with lively nightclubs,

(5) _______________ and a wide (6) _______________ of sports activities.

Sue: Well, that doesn’t sound very (7) _______________.

Pam: I know, but I’d prefer to go somewhere a bit quieter. Not off (8) _______________, but somewhere with nice (9) _______________ beaches where we can go for romantic walks.

Sue: Now that sounds (10) _______________.

Pam: Yeah! You know I want this holiday to be amazing. After all it is our honeymoon!

B Choose the correct word, a, b, or c to complete 11–19.

(11) When did you _______________ your tickets?

a) book b) do c) pay

(12) No, you don’t need to _______________ a deposit.

a) book b) do c) pay

(13) Make sure you _______________ early for your flight.

a) arrive b) do c) pick up

(14) Don’t forget to _______________ the packing the night before.

a) choose b) do c) make

(15) It’s so difficult to _______________ a good holiday destination.

a) choose b) do c) make

(16) Buy a map so you can _______________ your way around.

a) find b) do c) choose

(17) How did you _______________ your hotel?

a) arrive b) choose c) check out

(18) You can leave your luggage behind the reception desk after you _______________.

a) check out b) book c) pick up

(19) Can you _______________ some holiday brochures when you’re in town?

a) check out b) book c) pick up


C Complete the conversation with the correct form of the verbs in the brackets.

James: What (20) ____________________ (you/do) tonight?

Chris: I don’t know. I (21) ____________________ (probably/stay) at home and watch TV.

James: Why don’t you come out with me? I (22) ____________________ (meet) Jack at eight o’clock.

Chris: What are you (23) ____________________ (do)?

James: I’m not sure yet. Perhaps we (24) ____________________ (go) for a meal.

Chris: You (25) ____________________ (not/have) Italian food, are you?

James: No, I don’t think so. We (26) ____________________ (probably/eat) at that new Indian restaurant.

Chris: OK, that sounds nice.

D Put the words in brackets in the correct place in the sentences.

(27) As soon as he arrives, we leave. (will)


(28) We’ll stop and have lunch we get there. (before)


(29) You need anything else just ask. (if)


(30) I’m sorry, but you have to pay before you can use it. (will)


(31) I’ve finished this, I’ll come and help you. (once)


(32) I’ll tell you we get there. (when)


E Complete the sentences with the best verb form.

(33) Give me five minutes to finish this. As soon as I finish / will finish I’ll help you.

(34) I’m not sure which one to get. I’ll probably / I’m going to buy the cheaper one.

(35) If you want / will want to visit Madrid, don’t go in August. It’s always too hot.

(36) When I’ve decided which resort I like I tell you / I’ll tell you.

(37) We had a fantastic holiday. I think we’ll / we’re going to visit the same place quite soon.

(38) Come on! We’ll be / We’re being late if you don’t hurry up.

(39) Come on, let’s go home. I’m sure it will / is going to rain. Look at those clouds over there.

Functional language

F Rearrange the words to make indirect questions.

(40) are / I / they / where / wonder / ?


(41) when / arriving / you / do / is / she / know / ?


(42) tell / you / like / to / go / where / could / you’d / me / ?


(43) I’d / know / you’d / what / to / like / like / eat / tonight / to / ?


(44) you’re / you / tell / staying / one or two nights / me / if / can / ?


G Rewrite the direct questions using the prompts.


A: Can you help me?

B: I wonder if ____________________________________?


A: Do you have any flights to Santiago, Chile?

B: I’d like to know ____________________________________?


A: How much does it cost?

B: Could you tell me ____________________________________?


A: When does it leave?

B: Can you tell me ____________________________________?


A: Is there a cheaper one?

B: Do you know ____________________________________?


A: What time does it arrive in Santiago?

B: Do you think you could find out ____________________________________?

Answer key


1 booked

2 destination

3 brochures

4 cosmopolitan

5 beach parties

6 range

7 much fun

8 the beaten track

9 secluded

10 like a good idea

11 a) book

12 c) pay

13 a) arrive

14 b) do

15 a) choose

16 a) find

17 b) choose

18 a) check out

19 c) pick up


20 are you doing

21 ’ll (will) probably stay

22 ’m (am) meeting

23 doing / going to do

24 ’ll (will) go

25 aren’t having / aren’t going to have

26 ’ll (will) probably eat

27 As soon as he arrives, we will leave.

28 We’ll stop and have lunch before we get there.

29 If you need anything else just ask.

30 I’m sorry, but you will have to pay before you can use it.

31 Once I’ve finished this, I’ll come and help you.

32 When we get there, I’ll tell you.

33 finish

34 I’ll probably

35 want

36 I’ll tell you

37 we’ll

38 We’ll be

39 is going to

Functional language

40 I wonder where they are?

41 Do you know when she is arriving?

42 Could you tell me where you’d like to go?

43 I’d like to know what you’d like to eat tonight?

44 Can you tell me if you’re staying one or two nights?

45 I wonder if you can help me?

46 I’d like to know if you have any flights to Santiago, Chile?

47 Could you tell me how much it costs?

48 Can you tell me when it leaves?

49 Do you know if there is a cheaper one?

50 Do you think you could find out what time it arrives in Santiago?

OR Do you think you could find out when it arrives in Santiago?

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