15 December 2009


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Straightforward Intermediate Unit Test 4


A Choose the correct word or phrase, a, b, or c to complete 1–6.

(1) I thought I’d _______________ at least once. The worst that could happen was that I’d lose £1.
a) against the odds b) play safe c) try my luck
(2) Come on! I know it’s _______________, but sometimes you need to take a bit of a gamble.
a) lucky b) risky c) coincidence
(3) _______________ he managed to win. It was amazing!
a) Against the odds b) Lucky c) It’s a lottery
(4) He only suffered minor cuts and _______________.
a) bleed b) bruises c) twisted
(5) You never really know what might happen. It’s _______________.
a) try my luck b) a lot at stake c) a bit of a lottery
(6) If you win today, the _______________ is £1 million!
a) jackpot b) gamble c) addict

B Complete the text with the words or phrases in the box. There are four extra words or phrases.

a bit of a gamble a lot at stake after bleeding by the time coincidences fortune luckily play it safe scratches superstitious unconscious unlucky while I don’t really believe in
(7) _______________ but when I had accidents on the same datefor three consecutive months I started feeling rather (8) _______________. The followingmonth I decided to (9) _______________ and not to go out at all. I’m not usually(10) _______________, but I thought that it was tempting fate. However, it reallydidn’t make any difference. (11) ________ I was shaving I managed to cut myselftwice and then (12) _______________ I had stopped the (13) _______________, I managedto fall down the stairs. (14) _______________ I didn’t break anything, I just had a few(15) _______________ and some bruises. It’s really strange because the next monthI decided I might as well take (16) _______________ and go out, and nothing bad happened at all!

C Complete the sentences with the correct word or phrase.

(17) While / As soon as I finish I’ll call you.
(18) The moment / By the time I found out, I phoned you.
(19) Are you sure they were arguing when / as you called?
(20) The moment / While you were wasting money gambling, I was busy working.
(21) By the time / As soon as you see me next, I’ll be married.


D Choose the correct verb form, a, b or c to complete 22–29.

(22) I _______________ under a ladder when a can of paint fell on my head. I had to go to hospital.
a) walked b) was walking c) had walked
(23) The first time I _______________ Amy, I was amazed how similar we looked.
a) met b) was meeting c) had met
(24) I _______________ to music when you phoned me.
a) listened b) was listening c) had listened(25)
By the time Jack arrived, Mary _______________ so he didn’t meet her.
a) left b) was leaving c) had left(26)
Jack _______________ gambling the year before he met his wife.
a) stopped b) was stopping c) had stopped
(27) Tom _______________ £10 yesterday.
a) lost b) was losing c) had lost
(28) I _______________ anything after you left.
a) didn’t do b) wasn’t doing c) hadn’t done
(29) Sally _______________ to the river bank by the time the rescue workers arrived.
a) swam b) was swimming c) had swum

E Use the keywords to complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first sentence.

(30) Harry had won the lottery before he gave up his job.
After Harry ______________________________________________
(31) Sally climbed out of the river and then sat down.
As soon as________________________________________________
(32) When we arrived John had already left.
By the time _______________________________________________
(33) His girlfriend married him after he won the lottery.
When ___________________________________________________

Functional language

G Complete the conversation with expressions from the box.

Me, too Neither am I So am I Neither do I So do I
Sandra: Hi Janet! What are you doing?
Janet: Hi Sandra! I’m playing one of those new lottery scratchcards.
Sandra: Really? I don’t bother with those. I’m not very lucky.
Janet: (34) _______________. But you know what they say, ‘There’s always a first time.’
Sandra: Do you believe that rubbish? I don’t.
Janet: (35) ______________ really, but …
Sandra: What?
Janet: Well, it’s only 50p, isn’t it?
Sandra: I prefer bingo.
Janet: (36) _______________! I go every Thursday evening.
Sandra: (37) _______________. Where do you go?
Janet: To that new club on the High Street. Would you like to come?
Sandra: Not this week. I’m really busy.
Janet: That’s fine. (38) _______________.

H Read the conversation in exercise G again. Then choose the best word to complete these sentences.

(39) Both / Neither Janet nor Sandra are lucky.
(40) Both / Neither of them play bingo.
(41) Both / Neither of them play on Thursday evening.
(42) Both / Neither of them has much time this week.

I Correct these conversations. Each conversation has one mistake.

(43)A: Where do you live?B: I live in Madrid.A: Wow! Neither do I.
(44)A: I’m learning Spanish.B: I’m too. I already speak it very well.
(45)A: I don’t like English food very much.B: So do I. I think it’s horrible.
(46)A: I’ve never won any money on the lottery.B: Me, too.


1 c) try my luck 2 b) risky 3 a) Against the odds 4 b) bruises 5 c) a bit of a lottery 6 a) jackpot 7 coincidences 8 unlucky 9 play it safe 10 superstitious 11 While 12 after 13 bleeding 14 Luckily 15 scratches 16 a bit of a gamble 17 As soon as 18 The moment 19 when 20 While 21 By the time

22 b) was walking 23 a) met 24 b) was listening 25 c) had left 26 c) had stopped 27 a) lost 28 a) didn’t do 29 c) had swum
30 After Harry won the lottery he gave up his job.
31 As soon as Sally climbed out of the river he sat down.
32 By the time we arrived John had already left.
33 When his girlfriend married him, he had already won the lottery.[2 points for each sentence 30–33]

Functional language
34 Neither am I 35 Neither do I 36 Me, too / So do I 37 So do I / Me too 38 So am I 39 Neither 40 Both 41 Both 42 Neither 43 A: Wow! Neither So do I. 44 B: I’m too not. I already speak it very well.
45 B: So Neither do I. I think it’s horrible.
46 B: Me, too neither.

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