21 December 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Here goes the test for unit 1 (as promised). Tests for units 2 and 3 will follow shortly. In the meantime, have fun and enjoy yourselves over the holidays!! I hope to see you back on January the 7th (Thursday-my morning group) and January the 8th (Friday -my afternoon group)

Straightforward Intermediate test unit 1


A Complete the sentences with words from the box.

fidgeting lives off messing around sincere sweaty

(1) It was so hot, I felt really _______________ and uncomfortable.
(2) He always seems so _______________, but I’m sure he lies sometimes.
(3) Stop _______________ and sit still!
(4) I hate it when you’re _______________. I know you’re just having fun, but …
(5) He doesn’t have a job. He just _______________ his wife’s money.

B Complete the text with words from the box. There are four extra words.

Londoner complexion muscular wavy intelligent blond shaved British

My friend Jake always describes himself as a (6) _______________, which I find strange because he was born in Brighton. When you first meet him, all you see is this tall, (7) _______________ man with a (8) _______________ head – it can be quite frightening! In fact, he’s really friendly and very(9) _______________.

C Complete the text with words and phrases from the box.

consider myself describe myself don’t really see myself probably see me think of myself

My name’s Jake Banks and I’m a Londoner. I (10) _______________ as British – mynationality isn’t that important to me, at least not as important as where I live. So, how would I (11) _______________? Well, firstly I (12) _______________ as quite afriendly person. I’m outgoing and I enjoy a good laugh. Most people (13) _______________ as rather intimidating as I’m quite tall and I don’t have any hair! I (14) _______________ to be a very lucky person as I have a wonderful wife, two lovely kids and lots of great friends.


D Complete the sentences with the correct verb form.

(15) Don’t worry. I believe / I’m believing what you say.
(16) I think / I’m thinking about what you told me.
(17) I can’t see / I’m not seeing your point of view.
(18) I look / I’m looking for a new boyfriend.(19) I really don’t see / I’m really not seeing why you lied to her.
(20) I think / I’m thinking you should apologise to her.
(21) I see / I’m seeing Jake later. Do you want me to tell him anything?
(22) I feel / I’m feeling proud of my nationality.

E Are these subject questions (S) or object questions (O)?
For 23–28, circle the correct answer

(23) Who is the test for? S O
(24) Why do we need it? S O
(25) Where does Amina Patel come from? S O
(26) Who comes from London? S O
(27) How many people live in London? S O
(28) Which countries already have a test? S O

F Complete the text using the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

Cindy Allot is a typical working mother from Manchester, England. She (29) _____________ (live) in a small house about thirty minutes from the city centre where she (30) ___________ (work) as a receptionist in a computer company. However, last month her life (31) _________ (change) for one week. She (32) _______________ (swap) roles with Amy Glass who (33) _______________ (work) as a model. “I’m really excited,” said Cindy. “I know I’m only (34) _______________ (do) it for one week, but it’s still fantastic.” Cindy (35) _____________ (spend) a week with one of the top modelling agencies in the country.

G Are these sentences correct (C) or incorrect (I)?

(36) He’s appearing to be rather unhappy. _____
(37) Why do you care about her? _____
(38) What he say? _____
(39) How are you feeling? _____
(40) I’m sorry, but I’m not understanding you. _____
(41) I’m wondering what I should do. _____

Functional language

H Complete the conversation with questions from the box.
What does she look like? What does she like? What is she like?
Who’s Maria?

A: (42) __________________________________________________
B: She’s my girlfriend.
A: (43) __________________________________
B: She’s intelligent and well organized.
A: (44) ___________________________________________________
B: She’s slim and she’s got beautiful eyes.
A: (45) ___________________________________________________
B: Listening to music and eating chocolate!

I Correct the mistakes in these sentences. There is one mistake in each sentence.

(46) What is he look like?__________________________________________________________
(47) He looks like friendly.
(48) She does very healthy.
(49) She looks as she has been crying.
(50) What he like?___________________________________________________________

Straightforward Intermediate Unit Test 1

Answer key


1 sweaty 2 sincere 3 fidgeting 4messing around 5 lives off 6 Londoner 7 muscular 8 shaved 9 intelligent 10 don’t really see myself 11 describe myself 12 think of myself 13 probably see me 14 consider myself


15 I believe 16 I’m thinking 17 I can’t see 18 I’m looking 19 I really don’t see 20 I think 21 I’m seeing 22 I feel 23 Object question 24 Object question 25 Object question 26 Subject question 27 Subject question 28 Subject question 29 lives 30 works 31 changed 32 swapped 33 works 34 doing 35 is spending 36 I 37 C 38 I 39 C 40 I 41 C

Functional language

42 Who’s Maria? 43 What is she like? 44 What does she look like? 45 What does she like?46 What does he look like? OR What is he like? 47 He looks friendly
48 She is very healthy 49 She looks as if she has been crying
50 What is he like? OR What does he look like

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