12 April 2010

Welcome back after Easter break. End of unit 9.

Hi again. It's that time of the year again: spring and just a few weeks to go before the end of the course and that means we have to pull our socks up and get ready for the hardest thing of all: EXAMS!!
There's only a month left and three units to cover in that short period of time so we'll be focusing on basic matters like grammar and vocabulary. The reading activities will be set for homework and we'll have to rush our way through the three units left. Still, I hope we'll have enough time to practise all the new contents and vocab.

Well, to keep you  busy I'm posting below the test for unit 9. We haven't seen the grammar in class due to lack of time and to the fact that it was quite easy. I was more interested in the vocabulary and topic of the unit since it's one of the most common topics in the oral exams.

Straightforward Intermediate Unit Test 9


A Underline the word, a, b, or c that doesn’t belong with the container.

(1) a box of a) tissues b) eggs c) jam

(2) a bottle of a) milk b) tomato soup c) beer

(3) a can of a) peanuts b) cola c) lemonade

(4) a tub of a) margarine b) crisps c) ice cream

(5) a jar of a) jam b) coffee c) lemonade

(6) a packet of a) orange juice b) biscuits c) crisps

B Match the words in the box to the definitions (7–12). There are two extra words.

discount shop        shop assistant            security guard             shopaholic

shoplifter              corner shop                  shopping centre            window-shopping

(7) someone who is addicted to shopping and buying things is a _______________

(8) when you look at lots of things but don’t buy anything you are _______________

(9) a big building with lots of different shops inside is called a _______________

(10) someone who steals things from a shop without paying is a _______________

(11) a shop where everything is cheaper than in a normal shop is a _______________

(12) someone who works in a shop helping customers is a _______________

C Complete the text with words from the box. There are three extra words.

advantage        corner shops             danger           high street            hurry

a look             online-shopping         our word          trouble         your breath

Are you in a (13) _______________? Then (14) _______________ at Eezeemall.com is the thing for you. Shop from the comfort of your own home and take (15) _______________ at what we can offer you. If you’ve heard bad things about Internet shopping, please take (16) _______________ that you are not in any (17) _______________ at all – security is our top priority. We also think that value for money is important and, because we don’t have any (18) _______________ shops you can take (19) ___________ of some of the lowest prices around.


D Complete the text with a, b, or c below.

Are you (20) _______________ modern man? Do you enjoy shopping for (21) _______________ food or simply eating the stuff? Most of (22) _______________ men I know hate food shopping, but, according to (23) _______________ National Office of Statistics there are (24) _______________ who really enjoy it. Recently I was talking to (25) _______________ husband of a friend and he told me that he really enjoyed shopping at his local supermarket. He said that he never had

(26) _______________ time to enjoy being with his wife as they were either at

(27) _______________ work or at home with their children. But, when they went shopping they had (28) _______________ of time to talk about (29) _______________ different things. He also said that he liked thinking about what he was going to eat and that there were (30) _______________ things that they ate now that they had never even tried before they started shopping together.

(20) a) the b) a c) Ø

(21) a) the b) any c) Ø

(22) a) the b) a c) Ø

(23) a) the b) some c) Ø

(24) a) too many b) any c) a few

(25) a) the b) some c) Ø

(26) a) enough b) plenty c) many

(27) a) the b) any c) Ø

(28) a) much b) many c) plenty

(29) a) any b) lots of c) few

(30) a) many b) the c) none

E Complete the sentences with the correct words.

(31) I don’t have enough / little time to go shopping.

(32) She spends too much / a few money on clothes.

(33) Have you looked at any / plenty of online-shopping websites?

(34) None of / Most of the shops had what I wanted, so I’ll have to try again tomorrow.

(35) Some / Any of my friends are shopaholics.

(36) A few / Few of the shops had what I wanted, so I was quite happy.

(37) I only spend a little / a lot of time shopping at the weekend.

(38) Most / Most of the time I spend relaxing.

(39) Most / None people enjoy buying new things.

Functional language

F Correct the mistakes in the sentences. There is one mistake in each sentence.

(40) I’d like a money back.


(41) What to be the problem?


(42) You ask someone to help me?


(43) It’s a lot unacceptable.


(44) I think there’s a wrong with it.


(45) I’m that’s not good enough.


G Complete the conversation with phrases from the box.

afraid                          that’s not good enough                there’s a problem

to be the problem                  to have my money back            to the manager

A: Excuse me!

B: Yes, Sir. Can I help you?

A: I hope so. I bought this CD player here yesterday and I think (46) _______________ with it. It doesn’t seem to work.

B: Let me have a look? Mmm.

A: What?

B: Have you dropped it?

A: No!

B: Well, it’s broken, I’m afraid. I can’t replace it until next week.

A: Next week? I’m (47) _______________. Could I speak (48) _______________, please?

B: Of course, Sir.

C: What seems (49) _______________?

A: I bought this CD player here yesterday and it’s broken.

C: Ah! What would you like me to do?

A: I want (50) _______________.

C: Certainly, Sir.

Straightforward Intermediate Unit Test 9- Answer key


1 c) jam

2 b) tomato soup

3 a) peanuts

4 b) crisps

5 c) lemonade

6 a) orange juice

7 shopaholic

8 window-shopping

9 shopping centre

10 shoplifter

11 discount shop

12 shop assistant

13 hurry

14 online-shopping

15 a look

16 our word

17 danger

18 high street

19 advantage


20 b) a

21 c) Ø

22 a) the

23 a) the

24 c) a few

25 a) the

26 a) enough

27 c) Ø

28 c) plenty

29 b) lots of

30 a) many

31 enough

32 too much

33 any

34 None of

35 Some

36 A few

37 a little

38 Most of

39 Most

Functional language

40 I’d like a money back refund. OR I’d like a my money back.

41 What to be is the problem?

42 Can you ask someone to help me?

43 It’s a lot totally unacceptable.

44 I think there’s a something wrong with it.

45 I’m sorry that’s not good enough.

46 there’s a problem

47 afraid that’s not good enough

48 to the manager

49 to be the problem

50 to have my money back

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